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SALE Auto Racing Helmets - Snell SA2010

SALE Auto Racing Helmets

Snell SA-2010 is the previous Snell helmet standard for competitive automotive sports. The SA (Sports Application) standard includes tests for impact, penetration by projectiles, chemical resistance, fire resistance, and ease of removal.

Snell SAH2010 means the M6 threaded nut washer is factory installed into the helmet. Enabling the racer to screw the outer portion of the head and neck restraint hardware (not included) directly into the helmet.

Our remaining inventory of Snell SA2010 Auto Racing Helmets from RaceQuip, Pyrotect, HJC and Zamp are on SALE!
Snell SA-2010 Helmets will be allowed for competition until the year 2020 or 2025 by most tracks and sanctioning bodies.