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Alpha Driver X Race Gloves

Alpha Driver X Race Gloves

Item #:RDS-AGD1-01
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There are probably 1000 pairs of Race Gloves on our shelves, when The Alpha Driver-X Gloves came in, we quickly noticed they were a little different. The industry trend has been producing ultra thin, super lightweight gloves, which are incredibly awesome, but do sacrifice longevity. The Alpha Driver-X Gloves provide an alternative for racers who want to get more durability from their personal safety gear.

• The Alpha Driver-X Gloves feature a full leather palm that extends underneath the fingers and turns over the fingertips to cover the fingernail area.

• Carbon-X fabric comprises the gauntlet and runs up the back of the hand and fingers.

• Carbon-X fabric is well known for providing fire protection and breathability.

• Both the Leather and the Carbon X are joined together with Kevlar thread.

• Elastic is built into the forearm area, eliminating the need for a velcro closure.

• Designed with 3/4 closed anatomic construction for extra comfort while at the wheel.

• Meets and exceeds SFI 3.3/1 glove requirements.

Alpha Driver X Race Gloves
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