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Clearance RaceQuip SFI 6Pt Camlock Harness System

Clearance RaceQuip SFI 6Pt Camlock Harness System

Item #:RDSGS743003
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On SALE - RaceQuip SFI 6Pt Camlock Harness System. The SFI tags are punched June 2019, so if your track or sanctioning body mandates replacing your belts every 2 years, these belts would be valid until June 2021.

Safety Harness Set; Black; 6 Point Camlock Style; SFI 16.1 Certified;3 Inch Individual Shoulder and Lap Belts; 2 Inch Anti-Submarine Belt; Pull-Down Type Lap Belt; Wrap Around or Bolt-In Mount; Includes Hardware; Sold As Kit

RaceQuip 6-Point Camlock Harness System features twin individual shoulder belts and has an SFI 16.1 Rating. The lightweight aluminum alloy cam buckle provides precise spring pressure for a positive feel when rotating the lever to the 45 degree (right or left) unlatch movement. This motorsports seat belt system also has a "pull down" lap belt design which means you pull the lap belt ends away from the cam buckle to tighten the belts. This auto racing harness is manufactured with premium 3" polyester webbing and double-adjustable ends to help ease installation. Mounting is either wrap around or bolt-in and the harness set comes with drop-forged steel hardware ends. Shoulders adjust from 25" to 72" and lap belt adjusts from 30" to 70". NOTE: RaceQuip motorsports harness sets and seat belts are NOT D.O.T. / FMVSS 209/302 certified for on highway use. They are only to be used in racing vehicles off of public streets and highways. All racing harness sets are designed to be mounted in a race vehicle to a rollcage or harness bar - if you do not have either, you should not try to install any RaceQuip harness set or seat belts. All SFI 16.1 rated RaceQuip harness sets can be re-webbed and re-certified upon expiration. Available in black, red, and blue - one "set" of seat belts equals one seat.

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