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FireCharger Fire Suppression System - 5lb (2.3 Liter) AFFF System

FireCharger Fire Suppression System - 5lb (2.3 Liter) AFFF System

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The Firecharger system is activated by a pull cable which releases the CO2 propellant into the cylinder, where it mixes and aerates the AFFF mixture. At the same time the sudden increase in pressure opens the non-fragmenting rupture disc. This allows the complete and total discharge through the piping to the wide coverage nozzles on the Firecharger system. The foam mixture discharged by the Firecharger system contains CO2, not normal air, producing an EXTRA level of extinguishment and protection.

2.3L system comes complete with cylinder and actuator, CO2 cartridge, bottle brackets, 8 foot pull cable kit, 10 feet of tubing, and two nozzles. Total filled weight is approximately 7.4 pounds. Measures 13.25 inches long and 4.25 inches in diameters. Overall height is 5.5 inches.

FireCharger part number: FCRACE2.3

Fire Charger Fire Suppression System
• More economical than other systems and can be refilled and recharged at the track or your garage.
• Uses AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) technology that not only suppresses the fire, but also helps prevent flashback.
• The system is filled with a 6 percent AFFF solution that can be used on all racing fuels including those with alcohol.
• Firecharger systems are not SFI or FIA compliant. Check with your sanctioning body on their on board system requirements.
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