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HANS Device Adjustable

HANS Device Adjustable

Item #:RDS7123
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Helmet Anchors:

The Adjustable HANS Device gives the driver the ability to personally "dial in" comfort and safety. With a range of 10 degrees to 40 degrees, in 5 degree increments, the driver has 7 total settings to choose from. Will work in virtually any race car!

If you are unsure or confused about which HANS Device is right for you, the HANS Adjustable should alleviate any concerns about acquiring the proper model.

ALL Helmet Anchors and Hardware ARE INCLUDED with the HANS Device. Simply choose your preference of anchors, everything you need to connect the HANS to your helmet (including instructions and tools) will be in the box.

SFI 38.1 certified.


HANS Simpson Part Numbers:


DK 13034.32 SFI HANS Adjustable Medium Post Anchor

DK 13034.42 SFI HANS Adjustable Medium Quick Click Anchor

HANS Device Adjustable
HANS Device Adjustable
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