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K1 Vortex Race Suit

K1 Vortex Race Suit

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Design inspired by the popular K1 Victory Race Suit.....K1 Race Gear and break away from the standard race suit colors and present for the 2019 race season, the "Vortex".

Fluorescent Green/Black/White

Fluorescent Orange/Gray/Black

Fluorescent Pink/Black/White

The Vortex Race Suit is loaded with upgraded features:

Constructed from flame and heat retardant materials that meet the SFI 3.2A/1 testing standards.

Stretch panel in the lower back area provides the driver with increased flexibilty and comfort in the seat.

360 degree arms gussets are connected to the main body of the suit with stretch panel material. This eliminates material pull and binding underneath the arms and allows the driver to have unencumbered movement on the steering wheel.

An additional stretch panel is placed in the crotch, again, more comfort and increased movement without material binding.

Velcro closure on the collar and belt for a secure fit.

The boot cut leg bottoms contain hidden rib cuffs for increased protection.

K1 Vortex Race Suit
K1 Vortex Race Suit
K1 Vortex Race Suit
K1 Vortex Race Suit

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