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RaceQuip 356 Series Outseam Race Gloves Red/Black

RaceQuip 356 Series Outseam Race Gloves Red/Black

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RaceQuip has released a new series of racing gloves with varying gauntlet styles. The gauntlet is the section of the glove that extends from the wrist to the forearm. The RaceQuip 356 Series SFI-5 Outseam Gloves With Cuff have the extended length guantlet that is cuffed at the end for increased protection against extreme heat and flame. Local customers seem to walk out with these gloves for 1 of 2 reasons, either they came in looking for exterior stitched Nomex racing gloves of another brand, but liked the quality and price in comparison or they spotted these gloves on Street Outlaws and just liked how they looked and had to get a pair.

• Red and Black colors with the popular RaceQuip logo.

• Constructed with two layers of knit Nomex.

• Exceeds the SFI 3.3/5 rating.

• The outseam or reverse seam as they are sometimes called have the seam on the outside for improved comfort and better feel on the wheel.

•The palms are a high grip, supple suede leather which also improves comfort and feel.

•An extra long cuffed gauntlet provides additional fire protection.

• Mitered fingers offer a more precise fit again increasing comfort and feel.

RaceQuip Part Numbers:

RaceQuip 356102 Gloves Black/Red Small

RaceQuip 356103 Gloves Black/Red Medium

RaceQuip 356105 Gloves Black/Red Large

RaceQuip 356106 Gloves Black/Red X-Large

RaceQuip 356107 Gloves Black/Red 2X-Large

RaceQuip 356 Series Outseam Race Gloves Red/Black

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RaceQuip 356 Series Outseam Race Gloves Red/Black