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RaceQuip Tearoffs for PRO20, PRO15, SportMod, Youth and SA-2010 Full Face Helmets

RaceQuip 203213 Helmet TearOffs

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Item #:RDS-203213

TearOffs for use with RaceQuip Full Face Helmets. The common 1202 style banana-shaped TearOffs will work, but RaceQuip branded TearOffs are taller to cover more of the shield.

RaceQuip TearOffs come in Clear 2mil, pack of 20 and fit face shields on the following helmets:.

• RaceQuip PRO20 Snell SA 2020 Helmets (except the Vesta20 Series)
• RaceQuip PRO15 Snell SA 2015 Helmets (except the Vesta15 Series)
• RaceQuip Snell SA 2010 Helmets
• RaceQuip Snell SA 2005 Helmets
• RaceQuip Ridgeline Helmets
• RaceQuip SportMod Helmets
• RaceQuip SFI 24.1 Youth Helmets

RaceQuip Part Number 203213

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