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Cool Shirt Systems Shirts


Cool Shirts work with a personal cooling system that utilizes circulating water and are designed to maintain or quickly return core body temperatures to normal levels, reducing heat induced fatigue or heat stroke and the mental and physical errors. The temperature controlled water provided by the cooling unit to the cool shirt is between 50 to 65 degrees. Studies have proven cool water will transfer body heat 28 times faster than cool air.

The Cool Shirt worn by the driver connects to a compact cooling unit containing ice and water via an insulated hose. The internal pump in the cooling unit will supply cool water to the over 50 feet of medical grade tubing stitched on the front and back of the Cool Shirt thus delivering cooling to up to 40% of the body.

White Cool Water Shirt
Our Price:  $159.00
Black Cool Water Shirt
Our Price:  $159.00