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Standard Cool Water Shirt - Blue

Standard Cool Water Shirt - Blue

Item #:RDSC4B
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ON SALE - Navy Blue no longer being made at Cool Shirt

The Navy standard cool water shirt is a heavy duty 100% cotton tee shirt with over 50-feet of medical grade capillary tubing securely stitched on the front and back. The tubing is divided into 4 equal cooling zones which are joined together with soft manifold connections. Left side exit.

Color: Navy Blue

Sizes: X-Small (youth large)

Features of the Standard Cool Shirt:
• Heavy Duty 100% Cotton
• Over 50-feet of tubing securely stitched
• 4 Cooling Zones
• Designed to be head and neck restraint friendly. Devices will not interfere with the cooling tubes.
• Color: Navy Blue
• Ships for FREE!
Standard Cool Water Shirt - Blue

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