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Ultra Shield Youth Full Containment Racing Seats

Youth Racing Seats
Ultra Shield junior and small adult full containment aluminum race seats are made in the USA by American Craftsmen.
Rib support and halo design offer added protection for your young racer.

Race Seat Sizing:
To determine the proper seat size you will need to take a seated hip width measurement. Sit on a table or workbench. Place 2 rectangular objects (ex. 12 pack boxes or concrete blocks) against each hip. How tightly or loosely you place each box/block will determine the seat fit. Use carpenters square against table edge and boxes/blocks to ensure accurate measurement. Use a metal tape to measure the inside measurement (across hips)of boxes/blocks. For example, if inside measurement is 13 3/4 inches, we would suggest a 14 inch seat. The second measurement is shoulder height. Have driver sit on a table or workbench in a relaxed driving position (not straight up rigid), measure from seated surface to top outside of shoulder. Seat shoulder heights are listed under product details of each seat.