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24 LeMon Chump Drivers Packages

24 LeMon Chump Drivers Packages has assembled a few affordable Drivers Packages for racers competing in the various 24 hour endurance series which feature inexpensive cars and good times! All ship for FREE!!!

Our 24 LeMon Chump Driver Package Includes: An Ultra Shield SFI-1 Single Layer Racing Suit and Gloves, SFI-5 Driving Shoes, a SFI 360 degree Neck Collar, and SFI certified Underwear and Nomex Socks.

The Commando LeMon Chump Package is an affordable multi-layer SFI-5 safety package, minus underwear, which meets all the personal gear requirements of budget 24 hour endurance series. Package includes: Crow Racing Products Double Layer SFI-5 Racing Suit and Gloves, Mid-Top SFI-5 Racing Shoes and a SFI Neck Collar.

The Race Armour Package is another option for a multi layer package that includes: SFI-5 Double Layer Racing Suit and Driving Gloves plus Mid-Top SFI-5 Racing Shoes and a SFI Neck Support.

Using a Head and Neck Restraint and don't need the Neck Collar? Then choose the "Do Not Need Neck Collar" Option and take you will save money on the package pricing.

24 LeMon Chump Drivers Package
Our Price:  $329.00
Commando LeMon Chump Package
Our Price:  $380.00