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NecksGen Rev

NecksGen Rev

Item #:RDS7103
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NecksGen Rev Head and Neck Restraint

The NecksGen Rev's revolutionary design is the result of extensive testing and refinement. NecksGen continues to lead in the advancement of neck protection and bring to the racing community the next generation of head and neck restraints!

Features of the NecksGen Rev:
• All NecksGen head and neck restraints have passed the mandated SFI 38.1 testing
• The REV takes comfort to a new level. There is no frontal yoke, with no pressure on your body or collar bone.
• The low profile design gives full range of head motion with no front or rear interference with your helmet.
• Large and Medium units accept 2 inch and 3 inch shoulder harness belts. Small size accomodates 2 inch shoulder harness belts only.
• Made from a Dupont carbon fiber composite.
• The NecksGen REV is very lightweight, at 1.5 lbs for the large unit, 1.3 lbs for the medium and 1 lb for the small unit (with all tethers and hardware attachments).
• Comes with EVERYTHING needed to set up and install to helmet, including the quick release pull tethers.
• Included are NecksGen Rev installation instructions, tool kit, and stickers
• Free Shipping!
• To determine proper sizing, measure the width of the front of the neck, just above the shirt collar area. For instance, the Medium sizing would be a 5 inch to 6 inch measurement. See Size Chart for additional measurements.
NecksGen Rev
NecksGen Rev
NecksGen Rev
NecksGen Rev
NecksGen Rev

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