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CoolShirt Systems has been on business since 1987 and is the leading provider of personal cooling systems for surgeons, racecar drivers, football players, fire & emergency services, hazmat, military and industrial workers. COOLSHIRT active cooling systems help people manage body heat in extreme environments.
Cool Shirt Systems help racers perform at their best by:
•Improving Reaction Time •Reducing Errors •Keeping Drivers Cool and Comfortable •Reducing Dehydration •Helping Maintain a Safe Core Body Temp

Cool Shirt 13 Quart Club Cooler
Our Price:  $295.00
Cool Shirt 19 Quart Club Cooler
Our Price:  $302.00
Cool Shirt Water Hose
Our Price:  $130.00
Fresh Air Helmet Blower System
Our Price:  $124.00
Cool Shirt Drain Kit
Our Price:  $36.00
Universal Drain Kit
Our Price:  $83.00
O Rings
Our Price:  $8.00
Cool Shirt Connector Female
Our Price:  $9.00
Cool Shirt Connector Male
Our Price:  $13.00
White Cool Water Shirt
Our Price:  $159.00
Black Cool Water Shirt
Our Price:  $159.00