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Junior/Youth/Kids Fire Retardant Racing Suits, Jackets and Pants

Youth Racing Suits

Probably the USA's largest selection and inventory of auto racing suits tailored specifically for kids are right here at RaceDay Safety. Hundreds of Single Layer SFI-1 (3.2A/1) and Multi Layer SFI-5 (3.2A/5) Youth size Race Suits are always stacked in our warehouse, ready for quick shipping. Outfit your junior racer with style and protection from trusted manufacturers of youth racing gear, Alpinestars, Crow Safety Gear, G-Force Racing Gear, K1 RaceGear, RaceQuip and Zamp.

Youth Racing Suits are available as a one piece suit or a two piece style which includes a jacket and pant. The Black, Red or Blue race suits are still very popular, but additional color choices now include highlights of Pink, Purple, Green, Orange and Gray.

Crow Junior SFI-1 Racing Suit Black
Sale Price: $79.99

The SFI specification for driver's auto racing suits is 3.2A. This classification rates the length of time the selected suit offers protection from second degree burns in an approximation of a raging gasoline fire between 1,800 and 2,100 degrees Fahrenheit.

The SFI ratings are calculated in calories per unit area per time of exposure. The test performed by SFI on suits determines the Thermal Protection Performance (TPP) of the garment. The TPP rating measures the length of time the person wearing the garment can be exposed to a heat source (direct flame or radiant heat) before incurring a second degree (skin blistering) burn.

To calculate the protection time of a particular race suit, simply divide the TPP number by two to establish the approximate protection time in seconds. As shown in the chart, there are several SFI ratings for driver's suits with different TPP ratings. The higher the SFI rating, the more protection the suit will provide.

SFI Race Suit Spec-----TPP-----Time to Second Degree Burn

3.2A/1-----------------------6--------------------3 Seconds

3.2A/5----------------------19-------------------10 Seconds