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Kid's Sizes of Fire Retardant Racing Underwear Tops-Bottoms-Socks for Junior Racers

Youth Fire Retardant Underwear and Socks

Flame retardant racing underwear can dramatically increase the protection level. Most drivers are already wearing everyday clothes underneath their race suit, consider making those clothes a protective layer. Today's racing underwear fabrics are soft, lightweight and absorb sweat, so they will not make a driver any hotter.
K1 RaceGear, PXP Racewear and RaceQuip flame retardant tops, bottoms, and socks are tailored to fit young racers and offer additional protection when worn under a flame retardant racing suit. RaceDay Safety also always stocks RaceQuip and PXP Youth Balaclavas or Head Socks, for additional head, neck and face protection.