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Molecule is the original and possibly only company that produces detergents for your auto racing suit. For decades, it's been a mystery for most racers on how to launder your gear. Some manufacturers recommended dry cleaning, others hand washing in cold water, others gave absolutely no cleaning guidelines. What we do know is harsh detergents that you use for your regular laundry will destroy the fire retardant fabric of a racing suit. Molecule has developed specific products for cleaning and maintaining just about all of your racing safety gear. RaceDay Safety became a Molecule distributor just recently in 2018. We felt the Molecule products took out most of the mystery to keeping your gear clean and smelling fresh.

For over a decade Molecule has focused on providing the highest quality formulas to solve problems for athletes. No matter if it was motorsports, motorcycles, hockey, yoga or a tactical application, odor is a common theme. WASH and REFRESH products were developed to be safe on all performance apparel and equipment, while also ensuring odor is attacked, eliminated and prevented directly at the source through their proprietary Pico12 technology.

The odor fighting technology in Molecule products is designed to attack odors directly at the source. Odor derives from bacteria and can be eliminated with both Moleule WASH detergent and REFRESH deodorizing spray. Molecule has 3 active components that exceed standards for disinfecting in their current formulation: Alcohols, two different Quaternary Ammonium elements (commonly referred to as Quats).

Yes. Molecule is very confident in their products' abilities to fight all contaminants left behind on performance apparel and equipment. Quats are commonly listed as registered disinfectants.

There are many disinfectants and detergents out there, so what are the key advantages?

• Water-based, skin-friendly, non-toxic and non-allergenic formula
• Safe to use on ALL performance apparel and equipment
• Simple, spray-on and let air dry application

• Performance apparel is proven to retain more odor and bacteria than standard cotton material; Molecule WASH detergent is developed with higher performance than traditional detergents for odor and cleaning
• Safe on ALL performance apparel and technical fabrics
• Water-based, skin-friendly, non-toxic, non-allergenic and biodegradable formula