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Snell SA Auto Racing and SFI 24.1 Youth Auto Racing Helmets

Helmets and Accessories

The one piece of safety equipment that every racer has in common, is the Helmet. At RaceDay Safety, we stock a full selection of Snell SA2020 and SFI 24.1 certified Helmets, which are designed, tested and used specifically for auto racing.

Our huge helmet inventory includes sizes for a 5 year old who is just getting started in racing, to a "Big Boy" who needs a 3XL adult helmet, with every size in between to properly fit all racers.

Full Face Helmets, Side Air Helmets, Top Air Helmets, Carbon Fiber Helmets and Open Face Helmets are available from universally trusted manufacturers: G-Force Helmets, RaceQuip Helmets, Simpson Helmets and Zamp Helmets.

How To Measure for Helmet Sizing: Using a cloth tape measure, the circumference of your head should be measured at a point approximately one inch above the eyebrows in front, and at a point in the back of the head that results in the largest possible measurement. Take several measurements and it is best to use the largest result. Size charts located on the specific helmet page and are specific to that manufacturer.

The Snell Foundation establishes new helmet standards every 5 years. Snell urges racers to replace their helmet minimally after 5 years of wear.

SA-2020 is the current helmet standard for competitive automotive sports. This standard includes tests for impact, penetration by projectiles, chemical resistance, fire resistance, ease of removal and reinforcement to accept frontal head restraints. Although much in SA2020 remains unchanged from SA2015, the requirements for impact have been chosen to assure compatibility with the FIA 8859-2015 standards.

SA-2015 is the previous helmet standard. Most race tracks and sanctioning bodies will allow the Snell SA2015 helmets to be used in competition until at least 2025.

Junior/Youth Helmet SFI 24.1 rating came about in 2002 to specifically address the youth market. The stringent testing by the SFI Foundation has made it possible to provide similar protection as the Snell SA helmets with helmets designed specifically for the smaller physique of junior drivers.