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Kart Racing Helmets and Accessories

Kart Racing Helmets and Accessories

Just about every kart racing track and sanctioning body will provide a listing in their rule book of helmets allowed for competition. These approved helmets will not be listed by brand, but rather by a certain certification that was achieved through testing. The certification is also dated to encourage helmets that approach 10 to 15 years old are phased out of karting competition. RaceDay Safety stocks a large selection of Snell SA2020, Junior SFI 24.1 and Youth Snell CMR2016 Helmets that are certified and legal for Kart Racing.

Snell SA2020 The latest, greatest certification you can bring to any race track in the country. An advantage of the Snell SA2020 helmet is it will transfer from kart racing to auto racing, if your career path takes you in that direction.

Junior/Youth Helmets The SFI 24.1 and Snell CMR2016 ratings came about to specifically address the youth kart racers. The smaller shell size equals a lighter helmet. These helmets are designed specifically for the smaller physique of junior drivers and intended for relatively low speed, youth karting divisions.

RaceQuip Pearl White Vesta15 Helmet
Sale Price: $199.99
RaceQuip Carbon Graphic PRO15 Helmet
Sale Price: $179.99