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Kart Racing Helmets and Accessories

Kart Racing Helmets and Accessories

Our selection of Snell SA2020, Snell SA 2015, Junior SFI 24.1 and Youth Snell CMR2016 Helmets to fit all your kart racing helmet needs.

Snell SA-2015 is the current standard for competitive automotive sports. The Snell SA2020 standard begins on October 1st, 2020. The SA (Sports Application) standard includes tests for impact, penetration by projectiles, chemical resistance, fire resistance, and ease of removal.

Junior/Youth Helmets The SFI 24.1 and Snell CMR2016 ratings came about to specifically address the youth market. These helmets are designed specifically for the smaller physique of junior drivers and intended for relatively low speed, youth karting divisions.

Zamp RZ-44C Carbon Helmet SA2015
Sale Price: $424.99