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Fire Retardant Racing Underwear, Socks, Balaclavas and Helmet Skirts

Racing Underwear

The use of fire-retardant underwear in any form of auto racing, is a relatively low cost and very effective method to increase your protection against extreme heat and flame. Most of today's fire-retardant racing underwear is constructed from soft, moisture wicking fabrics designed to actually keep you cooler, despite the extra layer.

RaceDay Safety stocks SFI certified and FIA homologated fire-retardant underwear from Alpinestars, All Star Performance, Crow Safety Gear, K1 RaceGear, PXP, RaceQuip and Zamp.
Styles include: Long Sleeve Tops, Long Pant Bottoms, Boxers, Socks and Head Socks also known as Balaclavas.
RaceDay Safety also stocks the PXP and Zamp fire retardant sports bras, plus K1, RaceQuip and PXP Youth and Kid's Size flame retardant socks, long sleeve tops and long bottoms and head socks.