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Cool Shirt System Maintenance Additive

Cool Shirt System Maintenance Additive

Item #:RDSC5003-0001

Developed by the Cool Shirt service technicians as a way of cleaning the Cool Shirt systems. This non-toxic bio-degradable solution contains a fungicide yet is safe to use in all Cool Shirt cooling systems. Regular use of this additive will not only help clean the system but it will also improve the performance and life of the system pump.

Cool Shirt recommends the use of 2 ounces of Maintenance Solution every time the system is used.

Regular use of the Maintenance Additive could add years of life to your system and help keep the system working at its peak performance.

Available for purchase by the Bottle (16oz) or Case (12 16oz bottles)

Instructions for Use: Simply pour the Maintenance Solution into cooler and then fill with ice and water. Use the system as normal.

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