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Crow 5 Point Camlock Available In Black, Red or Blue

Crow 5 Point Camlock Available In Black, Red or Blue

Item #:RDS-11104
HANS Shoulder Option:
SFI Expiration Tag:
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Crow Cam Lock Racing Seat Belt Restraints. We do stock some of the selection options, others are built to order at the Crow's Las Vegas, Nevada shop.

Starting with 3 inch webbing on the Lap Belt, which adjusts up to 50 inches total and includes factory installed cam lock mechanism. Lap belts pull down to tighten.

Shoulder Harnesses are individual and also constructed from 3 inch webbing. Designed to pull down in order to tighten.

Crotch Strap is constructed from 2 inch webbing.

All pieces are SFI 16.1 Certified, Tagged and Freshly Dated for maximum usage.

Bolt In or Wrap Around mounting. Not sure exactly which option you need? No worries. We have Crow set up all the points for "Wrap Around" mounting. There is no extra charge and the "Bolt In" hardware ends are included in the box, ready to install if you need that type of mount.

Black Anodized Hardware Option. All metal hardware parts will have a flat black finish rather than the standard bare metal. This option is an upgrade.

HANS "Dog Bone" Shoulder Harness Option. Shoulder Harness tapers from 3 inches to 2 inches (11 inches total), then back to 3 inches to accommodate head and neck restraint devices. Locates the 2 inch section of the harness directly on the head and neck restraint. This option is an upgrade.

Crow Part Numbers:
11104 Crow Rotary Kam-lock 5-Way Restraints Black
11103 Crow Rotary Kam-lock 5-Way Restraints Blue
11102 Crow Rotary Kam-lock 5-Way Restraints Red

Features of the Crow Camlock Restraint:
• Made in California USA.
• SFI 16.1 certified
• 5 Point System
• 50'' Seat Belt with Individual Harnesses and Crotch Strap.
• All Points Bolt In and/or Wrap Around.
• Pull Down Adjustment
• Colors: Choose Black, Red or Blue
• Ships for FREE!
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