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Clearance Crow Dirt Late Model Ratchet Restraints Diamond Series 1

Clearance Crow Dirt Late Model Ratchet Restraints Diamond Series 1

Item #:RDS-40064-2-GS
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After consulting with local Dirt Late Model racers and presenting their feedback to Crow, we have fine tuned the popular Ratchet Restraint Lap Belt and Harness System. The left side lap belt tab that is welded to most dirt late model chassis, it's spacing relation to the floor pan height and final angling of the lap belts for a "straight pull", have consequently prohibited inserting the quarter inch ratchet into the ratcheting mechanism or severely limited it's travel in order to tighten. Therefore, some racers have had to flip the ratcheting mechanism side of the lap belt to the right side or forego using Ratchet Restraints altogether.

These Ratchet Restraints from RaceDay Safety have the left side lap belt sewn into the Ratcheting Mechanism so the quarter inch ratchet can be inserted from above, the tension release lever is now on the bottom. We also decided to have Crow upgrade the Shoulder Harness Adjusters to the aluminum, spring loaded type to help limit slippage and compliment the extra tightening racers are trying to achieve.

Crow Dirt Late Model Ratchet Restraints Diamond Series 1
• 2 Inch wide Lap Belts.
• Left side Lap Belt with the Link End and the Ratcheting Mechanism "bolts-in".
• Right side Lap Belt with the Latch End "bolts-in" and length can can adjusted through the 3 bar slide. If "wrap around" mounting is desired, simply un-weave the belt and remove the bolt-in plate.
• Dog Bone or HANS style Shoulder Harnesses that start at a 3 inch width, taper to 2 inch to better fit on Head and Neck Restraints, resuming to a 3 inch width at the roll cage attachment point.
• Shoulder Harnesses "bolt-in" or "wrap around" the roll cage tube behind the seat by removing the bolt-in plates.
• Spring loaded, aluminum adjusters added to both Shoulder Harnesses.
• 2 inch Crotch or Anti-Submarine Belt can either "bolt-in" or "wrap around".
• All 5 ends converge into a Latch and Link mechanism that has a Velcrow Latch Guard to help prevent accidental opening.
• SFI 16.1 Certified.
• Made in the USA.
Note: The quarter inch ratchet wrench needed to tighten the Ratcheting Mechanism is NOT included.

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