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Crow SFI 16.5 Kam Lock Racing Restraints

Crow SFI 16.5 Kam Lock Racing Restraints

Item #:RDS-40014
SFI Expiration Date:
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Many professional racing series are now mandating the upgraded SFI 16.5 certification on seat belts, shoulder harnesses and crotch strap(s). The seat belts manufactured by Crow Safety Gear have recently passed the testing and obtained the SFI 16.5 tags.

• Made in the USA.

• Kam Lock style.

• 52 inch lap belt.

• All points Bolt-in.

• Harness ends may be removed to change to Wrap Around

• All adjuster points have tension springs.

• "Dog Bone" Shoulder Harness tapers from 3 inch to 2 inch to accommodate head and neck restraint devices.

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