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Custom Kart Racing Suits

Custom Kart Racing Suits

Custom designed and sized kart racing suits with or without the CIK/FIA homologation. As a top distributor for K1 RaceGear, RaceDay Safety also works in conjunction with K1 and their custom race suit program.

Download, print and fill out the "Custom Suit Measurement Form" plus the "Custom Suit Order Form". Once completed, you can email it to, we will get back to you.

If you are in the Dallas GA area (20 miles NW of Atlanta), give us a call (770-505-0193) to schedule an appointment, we will take your measurements and review design options.

Once measurements are recorded and preliminary color and design options selected, a computer rendering of your custom kart race suit will be emailed for your approval. Once approved by you, a 50% deposit will get the manufacturing process rolling. Depending on the time of the year, expect 6 to 10 weeks for final delivery. Once your custom kart race suit is completed, it will ship to our Dallas GA warehouse for final inspection. We will contact you for the balance and it will get repacked and shipped to your home, business or race shop.

Down payments and final payments on custom kart race suits are not refundable. These race suits are manufactured overseas, the 6 to 10 week lead time is an estimate, some circumstances could possibly extend the wait. We do guarantee you will receive your suit, we cannot guarantee the exact arrival date.

Design your own Custom Kart Race Suit by selecting your preferred colors from one of the templates below. Don't like any of the templates? Give us some of your ideas and we will get it to the designer, who will produce front and back images, ready for additional changes or approval from you. Keep in mind, if you do decide to order a custom race suit that does not follow any of the templates, there is a $100 design fee.

For $395.00, here is what you get in a K1 Race Gear Custom Kart Racing Suit:

• Unlimited Embroidery or Sublimated Graphics. Can include your sponsor logos, your name, your flag(s) or anything else you would like embroidered on your race suit. Just be sure it is in "good taste" as they say.

• Custom Sizing. That means Kids, Adults, Female figures, Big Guys, the race suit is built to your measurements. For accurate measuring, Refer to the Video and the Measuring Form.

• 360 Degree Arm Gussets for increased arm movement and reduced binding.

• Lower Back Stretch Panel for increased flexibility.

• Crotch Stretch Panels for increased flexibility.

• Choose your leg bottom, either Nascar style "Boot Cut" or Indy style "Cuffed".

• Auto Racers take note: Kart Racing Suits are not for you. They are constructed from materials to help protect against abrasions should the driver come out of the kart and contact the racing surface. There are NO flame retardant fabrics in this suit.

Call or email for complete details. 770-505-0193 or