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ESS Fire Suppression System - 10lb (5.0 Liter) AFFF System

ESS Fire Suppression System - 10lb (5.0 Liter) AFFF System

Item #:RDS-50L4S
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This is a 3 zone fire suppression system which is ideal for the engine, driver and fuel cell in the event of a fire. Designed for 4 nozzles, but this system also enables you to add 2 additional nozzles if extra coverage is desired. This is a 10lb (5.0 Liter) AFFF System. ESS part# 50L4S or 50L4S-SFI

How it works: Complete system is delivered to your race shop in either "Charged" or "Uncharged" mode.

"Charged" mode means the actual bottle arrives to the racer ready to use. The chemicals and additional water are installed at the ESS facilities, sealed and an SFI label is attached to satisfy any sanctioning bodies who mandate this spec.

"Uncharged" mode is easily charged by the racer at his shop. Simply fill the extinguisher bottle with the provided chemicals and tap water. Detailed instructions are provided.

In case of emergency...the driver pulls the activation handle, this pierces the external CO2 cartridge which is directed into the extinguisher bottle. The released CO2 pressure forces the chemical/water mixture out of the bottle and through the aluminum lines which are routed throughout the race vehicle. Aqueous foam is discharged from the nozzles which in turn, aids in the suppression of potential or present spark or flame.

A few of the advantages of the ESS (Emergency Suppression System) type suppression system are, if activated, the foam is easily cleaned off any surface and the ESS system can be quickly refilled with the recharge kit.

Approved for NASA, SCCA, American LeMans Series, ChumpCar and most Off Road, Oval Track and Land Speed sanctioning bodies.

Bottle Dimensions
18 1/2" Length
5" Diameter
7" Horizontal Height

ESS Fire Suppression System - 10lb (4.6 Liter) AFFF System Includes:
• 4 nozzles
• All mounting hardware (brackets and clamps)
• Two 8 foot lengths of aluminum tubing
• All required AN fittings
• 6 foot adjustable manual release cable
• Instructions
• Charging Kit
See the additional images to view sketch with weight and dimensions of the ESS Fire Systems.
ESS Fire Suppression System - 10lb (5.0 Liter) AFFF System
ESS Fire Suppression System - 10lb (5.0 Liter) AFFF System
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