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K1 Kart Racing Neck Collar Carbon/Pink

K1 Kart Racing Neck Collar Carbon/Pink

Item #:RDS2107P

A true kart racing neck brace, manufactured by K1 Race Gear. Designed to provide protection in the event of a collision, roll, or off-track excursion. More than just a round, foam donut, the rear of this brace drops down onto the lower neck area to increase both driver comfort and driver safety. Velcro fastener on the front for an easy install and removal. The carbon-look material is stain-resistant and waterproof.

Color: Black/Pink

Sizes: Adult and Junior


K1 Race Gear Part Numbers:

K1 Race Gear 15-NEC-CAP-J Junior Neck Brace Pink/Carbon

K1 Race Gear 15-NEC-CAP-A Adult Neck Brace Pink/Carbon

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