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K1 Kart Racing Neck Collar Carbon/Pink

K1 Kart Racing Neck Collar Carbon/Pink

Item #:RDS2107P

Designed to provide crucial neck protection in the event of a collision, roll, or off-track excursion.

Provides both driver comfort and driver safety. With an anatomically designed rear helmet support and Velcro fastener for easy removal. The material used to manufacture the carbon-look neck collars is stain-resistant and waterproof, so you can subject it to your worse and it will come out unscathed!

Color: Black/Pink

Sizes: Adult and Junior


K1 Race Gear Part Numbers:

K1 Race Gear 15-NEC-CAP-J Junior Neck Brace Pink/Carbon

K1 Race Gear 15-NEC-CAP-A Adult Neck Brace Pink/Carbon

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