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MPI Bandolero/Legends Steering Wheel w/Poly Grip

Legends and Bandelero Polyurethane Grip Steering Wheel MPI-BL-14-PA

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Manufactured by Max Papis Innovations specifically for Bandolero and Legends Racers. All MPI Steering Wheels are designed and engineered in the USA and built in Italy.

• Polyurethane Grip. Excellent for Dirt or Asphalt racing.
• Extremely lightweight aluminum frame. Weighs in at only 2.3 lbs.
• 3 Hole pattern eliminates the need for a hub adapter and bolts directly to most oval track quick releases.
• Bright Orange center marker is embedded into the steering wheel body and allows accurate wheel alignment and provides the driver with a visual of actual steering wheel input during competition.
• 13 3/4 inch diameter.
• 3 1/2 inch dish depth.

Part No. MPI-BL-14-PA

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• All MPI Steering Wheels are built with a high attention to both safety and design.
• MPI Steering Wheel spokes are attached to the "U-Channel" with 2 rivets. This fabrication method increases the actual steering wheel life and helps spread any possible load that may be placed on the wheel during an impact. Other manufacturers make their attachment with either 1 rivet or by a weld. The single rivet is obviously inferior to 2 rivets. Welding can create a "hard spot" in that particular section of the wheel and not enable any impact load to spread uniformly.
• In the event of an impact, MPI Steering Wheels are designed to yield under certain loads, which helps reduce the chance of injury to the driver's wrists, hands and arms.
Legends and Bandelero Polyurethane Grip Steering Wheel MPI-BL-14-PA
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