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RaceQuip 391002 2 Inch Adjustable Cuff Arm Restraints

RaceQuip 391002 2 Inch Adjustable Cuff Arm Restraints

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Item #:RDS-391002

RaceQuip makes these Arm Restraints with a broad adjustment range, so they can be utilized by both Junior and Adult racers. This model of Arm Restraints is NOT SFI certified, so if your track or sanctioning body require a certification tag, RaceQuip Adult SFI Arm Restraints or RaceQuip Youth Arm Restraints.

• Utilizes 2 inch webbing for the cuffs and 1 inch webbing for the tethers which are attached to the cuffs.

• The cuffs have a broad adjustment range, from 7 inches to 15 inches.

• The tethers adjust in length out to 15 inches. The steel ring at the end of the tether is designed to slide over your shoulder harness end link so they release with your belts.

• Available in Black.

• RaceQuip Part Number 391002

Features of the RaceQuip Arm Restraints:
• Manufactured from Polypropylene Webbing and High Grade Steel Hardware
• 2" Webbing for Cuffs
• 1" Webbing for Tethers
• Adjustable Cuffs from 7-15"
• Steel Ring for Attachment to Harness
• Color: Black
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