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RaceQuip PRO Youth Helmet SFI-24.1 2020 America

RaceQuip PRO Youth Helmet SFI-24.1 2020 America

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The RaceQuip PRO Youth Helmet is an SFI 24.1 2020 rated auto racing helmet. Manufactured specifically for young racers competing in motorsports such as Junior Dragsters, Quarter Midgets and Karts. The smaller shell size equals less weight, allowing small kids a better fit and a more comfortable experience. The deep gloss Black paint job remains popular with young racers.

• Lower rear sides of the helmet are reinforced and contain 2 threaded M6 inserts for easy installation of your head and neck restraint hardware.

• Clear face shield features an aluminum pivot kit and hand ratcheting Tear Off posts.

• Uses the same shield as RaceQuip's adult sized helmets for a large field of vision.

• Nice selection of tinted and mirrored shields are available.

• Extra cheek pads are included with each helmet to allow optimum fit.

• The SFI 24.1 rating means that the Nomex interior, Kevlar chin strap and paint are fire retardant, so the RaceQuip PRO Youth Helmet should be suitable for use in all youth motorsports series, sanctions and auto racing events.

• Exhaust vents on top and back of the shell help stay cooler.

• The RaceQuip PRO Youth Helmet is available in Gloss Black in One Size that covers 20" to 20 7/8" or 51-53cm.

RaceQuip Part Number 2261296

RaceQuip PRO Youth Helmet SFI-24.1 2020 America

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