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RaceQuip PRO20 Racing Helmet America SA2020

RaceQuip PRO20 Racing Helmet America SA2020

Item #:RDS-27612
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RaceQuip PRO20 Racing Helmet America. Introducing the all new Red, White and Blue paint job on RaceQuip's PRO20 America Race Helmet with the Snell SA2020 certification. Comes with a Clear Shield with numerous replacement options available.

RaceQuip starts with the hand laid shell of a fiber reinforced polymer, this material and technique ensures a lightweight product. The integration of aero features and the chin spoiler add style and function. The wide eye-port is covered by a clear shield and hand ratcheting tear off posts are factory installed. If you wear glasses, channels are integrated into the padding to better accept the frames. Fire retardant paint covers the outer shell.

• Reinforced M6 threaded inserts are built into the helmet shell. This allows a driver to attach any SFI approved Head and Neck Restraint hardware to the helmet from the outside, no longer having to dig out the interior padding to complete the install.

• Nomex interior, Kevlar chinstrap, top exhaust vents and rear exhaust vents enhance comfort and safety.

• Get quick approval from your tech inspector...Snell SA2020 identification located in the interior and on the lower back shell.

• Uses RaceQuip tear-offs (pack of 20) or Ultra Shield 1222 and 1280 tear-offs (pack of 20 or box of 200).

RaceQuip Part Numbers:
RaceQuip 276121 Helmet PRO20 America X-Small
RaceQuip 276122 Helmet PRO20 America Small
RaceQuip 276123 Helmet PRO20 America Medium
RaceQuip 276125 Helmet PRO20 America Large
RaceQuip 276126 Helmet PRO20 America X-Large
RaceQuip 276127 Helmet PRO20 America 2X-Large

RaceQuip PRO20 Racing Helmet America SA2020
RaceQuip PRO20 Racing Helmet America SA2020

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