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RaceQuip SFI-20 Drag Racing Pants - Coming Soon!

RaceQuip SFI-20 Drag Racing Pants - Coming Soon!

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RaceQuip burst into the drag racing market a few years back, now their products are prevalent on cable TV and at the track. To further increase presence, SFI-20 Pants are now available for drivers whose division require the upgraded protection.

Lesser priced SFI-20 Pants are available from other manufacturers, but the multiple layers of treated cotton is both heavy and hot. RaceQuip is manufacturing their SFI-20 Pants from the lighter weight Nomex, which is also a more breathable and a softer material. Also taken into account is an oversized, heavy duty zipper, to ensure maximum longevity of your purchase.

• SFI 3.2A/20 Certified with the tag sewn onto the waist band for quick and easy tech inspections.

• Elastic waist band and hook and loop closureto keep the pants pulled taught for a proper fit.

• Pockets are integrated into the pants and stirrups keep the bottoms from riding up.

RaceQuip SFI-20 Drag Racing Pants - Coming Soon!

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