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Ultra Shield Adult Individual Arm Restraints SFI 3.3

Ultra Shield Adult Individual Arm Restraints SFI 3.3

Item #:RDS7020

Constructed from high strength polypropylene webbing and steel D-Rings. The Ultra Shield individual arm restraints have a 3" wide cuffs and 1" wide tethers with sewn in loop at end to attach to harness. The cuffs are adjustable from 10 to 17" to accommodate various arm sizes.

SFI 3.3 certified

Ultra Shield Individual Arm Restraints are sold in a pair so you get one for each arm.

Colors: black, red or blue.

Features of the Ultra Shield Adult Individual Arm Restraints:
• SFI 3.3 certified
• Made from high strength polyporpylene webbing and steel D-Rings
• 3" Webbing for Cuffs
• 1" Webbing for Tethers
• Adjustable Cuffs from 10-17"
• Sewn in Loop for Attachment to Harness
• Mount to Harness system independently of the other side
• Sold as a pair (one for each arm)
• Colors: Black, Red, Blue
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