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Ultra Shield FC2 Full Containment Race Seat
18 Inch 10 Degree

Ultra Shield FC2 Full Containment Race Seat<br> 18 Inch 10 Degree

Item #:RDS-FC2810K

Ultra Shield FC2 Full Containment Race Seat and Black Cover

• 18 Inch seat bottom width.

• 10 Degree lay-back.

• Constructed from .100" 5052 Aluminum.

• 2 piece design makes assembly simple. Seat bolts together in the back of the seat, not at the shoulders. Hardware to assemble included.

• 25" Shoulder Belt height.

• Black cover included.

• Head Cover is a full 1pc. wrap around design covering all the foam on the head of the seat.

• Made in Flint, TX USA.

Ultra Shield Part Number FC2810K

To determine the proper size for your race seat you will need to take a measurement of your seated hip width and shoulder height.

To properly measure your "Seated Hip Width":
• Sit on a table or workbench.
• Place 2 rectangular objects (ex. 12 pack boxes or concrete blocks) against each hip. How tightly or loosely you place each box/block will determine the seat fit.
• Use carpenters square against table edge and boxes/blocks to ensure accurate measurement.
• Use metal tape to measure the inside measurement (across hips)of boxes/blocks. (For example, if inside measurement is 16 3/4 inches, we would suggest a 17 inch seat.)

To properly measure your Shoulder Height: (standard shoulder height is 25 inches high)
• Sit on a table or workbench.
• Sit in a relaxed driving position (not straight up rigid).
• Use metal tape to measure to take the measurement from seated position to the top of the outside shoulder.

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