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Ultra Shield Spec Miata Halo Full Containment Seat and Cover

Ultra Shield Spec Miata Halo Full Containment Seat and Cover

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Ultra Shield's iconic Spec Miata Race Seat gets a major upgrade with the addition of shoulder and head support features to form the Ultra Shield Spec Miata Halo Seat. It's called a "Spec Miata" seat because of it's popularity in that particular brand of car, all the seat width sizes (except the 18 inch width) will fit into a Mazda Miata without modications to the transmission tunnel. Therefore, if it fits into a Miata, it will probably be an easy fit into other marques of road racing cars. Also, drag racers may want to check out this option for those wanting to advance their safety with a full containment seat install.

• Made in Texas.

• The Ultra Shield Spec Miata Halo Seat is constructed from .100 aluminum.

• Shoulder, lap and crotch belt slots are surrounded by aluminum U-channel to prevent sharp edges.

• Reinforced aluminum strengthen head, torso and shoulder sections.

• Padded seat cover and pre-cut high density foam for the head support are included.

• Compatible with 5-Point and 6-Point harness systems as well as HANS and other head and neck restraints.

• 20 degree lay-back is built in. is a certified Ultra Shield distributor so you will always have factory backing on your race seat.

This item qualifies for Free Shipping to your home, business or race shop.

To determine the proper size for your race seat you will need to take a measurement of your seated hip width.

To properly measure your "Seated Hip Width":
• Sit on a table or workbench.
• Place 2 rectangular objects (ex. 12 pack boxes or concrete blocks) against each hip. How tightly or loosely you place each box/block will determine the seat fit.
• Use carpenters square against table edge and boxes/blocks to ensure accurate measurement.
• Use metal tape to measure the inside measurement (across hips)of boxes/blocks. (For example, if inside measurement is 16 3/4 inches, we would suggest a 17 inch seat.)

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