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Ultra Shield TC (tight-clearance) Halo Full Containment Seat & Cover

Ultra Shield TC (tight-clearance) Halo Full Containment Seat & Cover

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Item #:ULTTC
Seat Height:
Seat Width & Layback:
Cover Color:
Add Right Side Leg Support:
Add Left Side Leg Support:
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Designed for race cars & racing chassis with tight clearances in seating area.

Constructed from .100" Grade 5052 Aluminum

Available in 10 degree or 20 degree Layback

15" Deep Bottom

Sizes 14-15 in 1/2" increments

Standard 25" Shoulder Belt Height, Right Rib 18" Left Rib 17"

1" Tall or 1" Shorter available at same price as standard seat.

Tall = Shoulder Belt Openings at 26" Right Rib 18", Left Rib 17" (head and shoulder support moved up with belt hole)

Short = Shoulder Belt Openings at 24" Right and Left Rib at 17" (Double Low) (head and shoulder support lowered with belt holes)

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