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Ultra Shield Tear Offs for Zamp Helmets

Ultra Shield Tear Offs for Zamp Helmets

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Zamp Helmets shields have 2 tear off posts located 12 1/8 inches (center to center) apart. Ultra Shield manufactures the 1256 Tear Offs to fit this measurement.

Tear Offs are Clear, 2 mil thick and come in packs of 20 or a box of 200.

Ultra Shield 1256 Tear Offs fit:
• Zamp RZ-56 SA2020
• Zamp RZ-56 Air SA2020
• Zamp RZ-59 SA2020
• Zamp RZ-36 SA2020
• Zamp RZ-36 Air SA2020
• Zamp RZ-36D DIRT SA2020
• Zamp RZ-60 SA2020
• Zamp RZ-62 SA2020
• Zamp RZ-70E Switch SA2020
• Zamp RZ-64C SA2020
• Zamp RZ-65D SA2020

• Zamp FSA-2
• Zamp FSA-2 Air
• Zamp RZ-34
• Zamp RZ-34 Top Air
• Zamp RZ-34 Youth
• Zamp RZ-34 Top Air Youth
• Zamp RZ-55
• Zamp RZ-55 Top Air
• Zamp RZ-58
• Zamp RZ-58 Top Air
• Zamp RZ-35
• Zamp RZ-35 Top Air
• Zamp RZ-42
• Zamp RZ-42 Air
• Zamp RZ-44C
• Zamp RZ-44C Air

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