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Crow Junior V-Style Arm Restraints SFI 3.3

Crow Junior V-Style Arm Restraints SFI 3.3

Item #:RDSY31
Our Price:  $39.95

Constructed with a 2 inch wide nylon cuff that attaches around the arm and is adjusted and secured with Velcrow. The V-style nylon tether then attaches to the arm restraint via clips at both ends into a sewn in d-ring on the cuff. The V tether length is adjustable with two bar slides so that the wrist will not go outside the cage area. A D-ring at the end of the V tether makes the attachment to the harness hardware.

SFI 3.3 certified junior arm restraints.

Available in Black, Red, Blue, and Purple.


Crow Part Numbers:

Crow 11574A2 Junior Arm Restraints Black

Crow 11573A2 Junior Arm Restraints Blue

Crow 11572A2 Junior Arm Restraints Red

Crow 11575A2 Junior Arm Restraints Purple

Features of the Crow Junior Arm Restraint:
• 2 inch Junior Arm Restraint
• Attach Around Arms with Velcrow Closures
• V Tether strap attaches to arm restraints via clips hooking to D-Rings on each cuff and to harness via D-ring
• SFI 3.3 Certification
• Sold as a pair
• Colors: Black, Red, Blue and Purple
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