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Crow Quarter Midget 5 Point Latch and Link Racing Seat Belts - Black, Red, Blue, Gray or Purple

Crow Quarter Midget 5 Point Latch and Link Racing Seat Belts - Black, Red, Blue, Gray or Purple

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Crow's Quarter Midget Seat Belt Restraints are designed for young racers and assembled in the USA. Constructed from 2 inch wide (actually 1 3/4"), nylon webbing that consist of 2 shoulder belts, a lap belt and a crotch belt. All 5 belt ends converge into the latching mechanism which is attached to each side of each lap belt.

After installation, length adjustment and just prior to racing, the shoulder belts achieve their final and maximum tightening by "Pulling Down" on the tighteners. The lap belts have a tightening option, select "Pull Down" or "Pull Up". Many adults prefer to select the "Pull Up" option as they feel it is easier and more accurate to perform the final lap belt tightening from outside the race car. The crotch belt, also known as the sub belt, is adjustable to a fixed length.

Belt ends are attached to the race car chassis and/or cage structure through 2 methods, either "Bolt In" or "Wrap Around". The Bolt In Option includes a pre-drilled metal end that the belt runs through, this end is bolted to a seat belt tab. The Wrap Around Option simply excludes the metal end as the belt is wrapped around a roll cage tube and weaved back into the included 3 Bar Slide. If you are presently unsure which option you need, select the Bolt In Option, there is no extra charge and the pre-drilled metal end can easily be removed in order to convert to Wrap Around.

The Crow Quarter Midget Seat Belt Restraints are SFI 16.2 Certified with a current dated tag for technical inspections.

Crow Quarter Midget 5 Point Latch and Link Restraint Harness available in Black, Red, Blue, Gray or Purple.

Hardware comes in a natural steel finish or upgrade to a medium gloss Black.

Features of the Crow Quarter Midget Latch and Link Restraint:
• 2" Nylon Webbing
• Latch & Link 5-Way Restraint for Quarter Midget Racing
• 50" Seat Belt with Individual Harness
• All Points Bolt In or Wrap Around (Select Option)
• Pull Down or Pull Up Lap Adjustment (Select Option)
• SFI 16.2 Certified
• Colors: Black, Red, Blue, Gray, Purple
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