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Crow SFI 3.3 Flame Retardant Nomex® Socks---Black

Crow SFI 3.3 Flame Retardant Nomex® Socks---Black

Item #:RDS5010B

Crow has been manufacturing Nomex® racing socks for decades, the white flame retardant material was very effective but quickly showed dirt and sweat stains. New technology and materials now allow SFI 3.3 certified underwear protection in black. The fabric used is soft and a medium thickness, these feel like a good pair of your regular socks.

Even if rules don't require flame retardant socks, you are wearing socks anyway, might as well add an additional layer of protection against flame and extreme heat to your feet and lower legs.

SFI 3.3 certified and tagged to quickly pass tech inspections.

Sizes available to fit shoe sizes 6 to 13.5

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