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Crow Flame Retardant SFI 3.3 Head Sock---Black

Crow Flame Retardant SFI 3.3 Head Sock---Black

Item #:RDS5009B

A SFI head sock adds an additional layer of protection against flame and extreme heat. Crow's single layer, single eye port head sock is constructed from a soft, comfortable fabric comprised of 40% cotton and 60% modacrylic.
Crow has been manufacturing racing underwear for decades, the white fire retardant material was very effective but quickly showed dirt and sweat stains. New technology and materials now allow SFI 3.3 certified underwear protection in black coloring.

SFI 3.3 tagged to pass tech inspections.

Color: Black

Size: One size fits most adults.


Crow Part Number:

Crow 29100B Flame Retardant Head Sock Single Eye Port Black

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