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K1 Race Gear SFI-5 Nomex® Custom Auto Racing Suit (Premium)

K1 Race Gear SFI-5 Nomex® Custom Auto Racing Suit (Premium)
Custom Race Suits. Every year, we all see more drivers show up at the track with better fitting, more colorful, sponsor adorned firesuits.

In collaboration with K1 Race Gear, we at RaceDay Safety will help to guide you through the custom race suit process. As one of K1 Race Gear's largest volume dealers, we have daily, direct communication with their design, ordering and shipping team.

Design your own Custom Race Suit by selecting your preferred colors from one of the templates below. Don't like any of the templates? Give us some of your ideas and we will get it to the designer, who will produce front and back images, ready for additional changes or approval from you. Keep in mind, if you do decide to order a custom race suit that does not follow any of the templates, there is a $100 design fee.

What is the difference between the Standard K1 Race Gear SFI-1 Nomex® Custom Auto Racing Suit and the Premium K1 Race Gear SFI-1 Nomex® Custom Auto Racing Suit? Nomex is a name branded fabric from DuPont, there are also other fire retardant fabrics by other manufacturers. The Standard Suit is constructed with a Nomex inner layer and a Meta Para Aramid outer layer fabric. The Premium Suit is constructed from an inner and outer layer of Nomex. The Premium Suit also allows more color options, particularly fluorescents.

For $1459.00, here is what you get in a K1 Race Gear SFI-5 Nomex® Custom Auto Racing Suit:

• Unlimited Embroidery. Can include your sponsor logos, your name, your flag(s) or anything else you would like embroidered on your race suit. Just be sure it is in "good taste" as they say.

• Custom Sizing. That means Kids, Adults, Female figures, Big Guys, the race suit is built to your measurements. For accurate measuring, Refer to the Video and the Measuring Form.

• 360 Degree Arm Gussets for increased arm movement and reduced binding.

• Lower Back Stretch Panel for increased flexibility.

• Crotch Stretch Panels for increased flexibility.

• Choose your leg bottom, either Nascar style "Boot Cut" or Indy style "Cuffed".

• Constructed from a premium knit Nomex inner liner and outer layer fabric.

• Add D-ring Arm Restraints (+$50).

• Custom Jacket and/or Pants can also be manufactured. Contact us for pricing.

Call or email for complete details. 770-505-0193 or