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Custom Auto Racing Suits

Custom Auto Racing Suits

Custom designed and sized auto racing suits in a single layer, SFI 3.2A/1 certification or a two layer, SFI 3.2A/5 certification. As a top distributor for K1 RaceGear, RaceDay Safety also works in conjunction with K1 and their custom race suit program.

Download, print and fill out the "Custom Suit Measurement Form" plus the "Custom Suit Order Form". Once completed, you can email it to, we will get back to you.

If you are in the Dallas GA area (20 miles NW of Atlanta), give us a call (770-505-0193) to schedule an appointment, we will take your measurements and review design options.

Once measurements are recorded and preliminary color and design options selected, a computer rendering of your custom race suit will be emailed within a week for your approval. Once approved by you, a 50% deposit will get the manufacturing process rolling. Depending on the time of the year, expect 6 to 10 weeks for final delivery. Once your custom race suit is completed, it will ship to our Dallas GA warehouse for final inspection. We will contact you for the balance and it will get repacked and shipped to your home, business or race shop.

Keep in mind, down payments and final payments on custom race suits are not refundable. These race suits are manufactured overseas, the 6 to 10 week lead time is an estimate, some circumstances could possibly extend the wait. We do guarantee you will receive your suit, we cannot guarantee the exact arrival date.

Your custom race suit will be manufactured in a factory owned by K1 RaceGear, that is located in Pakistan. You say Pakistan? Well, it turns out, some regions of Pakistan have become known as world class textile districts. Although your suit will be made in Pakistan, K1 sources all of their flame retardant fabrics from Europe, usually France. They claim it is of higher quality than the Pakistani flame retardant fabrics that some custom race suit brokers allow on their construction.