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Zamp Fog Free Helmet Shield Inserts

Zamp Fog Free Helmet Shield Inserts

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Item #:RDS-P0100011

Z Optics Fog Free Helmet Shield Inserts

Helps prevent fogging of the helmet shield, especially during cool, damp days/evenings at the racetrack or on the motorcycle.

• Fits almost all helmet brands.

• Auto Race and/or Motorcycle helmets.

• Increase your vision in cold, rain and other extreme conditions.

Installation Instructions

Note: Adhesive side installs against the inside section of the shield. The "anti-fog side should be facing the user. The protective film must be removed on both sides.

1) Center the fog free film in eye port area of helmet. Mark position with NON permanent marker.

2) Remove shield from helmet.

3) Make sure shield is clean and free from any dirt or debris.

4) With a spray bottle, mix a ratio of 150 to 1 water and soap (baby shampoo works especially well). Lightly spray area where the film is to be placed inside the shield.

5) Remove adhesive protection film. Be careful to keep clean and not touch adhesive side once protect film is removed.

6) Lay the film from the center of the film outward. Once positioned, spray the inside of film with spray bottle. Use a smoothee squeegee and move from center outward to remove all air and water between film and shield film. Once complete, allow 2 hours to dry.

7) Once the adhesive side has been completely applied to the shield and dried, remove "antifog" protection film innner side.

Zamp Part Number P0100011

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