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HANS III Youth Head and Neck Restraint

HANS III Youth Head and Neck Restraint

Item #:RDS-20Y
Helmet Anchors:
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The same design and performance that professional race car drivers utilize, is available in the Youth specific HANS 3 Head and Neck Restraint. Realizing the need to make head and neck restraints, particularly for kids, as light as possible, the HANS III engineers were able to eliminate materials on the rear of the device while still maintaining the strength required to pass the rigorous SFI 38.1 sled testing.

Slip the HANS 3 on from behind the neck, locate the shoulder harnesses on top of the device into the seat belt channels and attach the hardware on the device to the hardware on the helmet. Once all the seat belts are tightened, the HANS 3 has a sliding tether system which allows your young racer to easily turn their head from side to side.

• HANS 3 Youth model fits neck circumference sizes of 12 1/2 inches to 14 1/2 inches.

Helmet Anchors and all necessary Hardware IS INCLUDED, with this HANS Device. Simply choose your preference of anchors, everything you need to connect the HANS to your helmet (including instructions and tools) will be in the box.

• Available in the Post Anchor System or the Quick Click Anchor System. Both systems enable the driver and/or adult to attach and detach the HANS Device while still in the race car.

With the Post Anchor system the HANS is attached to the helmet by aligning the tether hardware to the helmet hardware, pushing in and sliding the tether rearward. To release, realign slots on tether hardware to flats on helmet hardware and slide forward. This system is more common with road racers or Indy type cars.

The Quick Click is the anchor system which allows the driver to quickly detach the HANS by pulling on the orange tethers. To attach the HANS to the helmet anchors, open anchor by pulling orange release strap, slide tether loop over hasp and close. This system seems more popular with oval, drag and other forms of motorsports.

HANS Simpson Part Numbers:

DK 16217.321 HANS III Youth Post Anchor
DK 16217.421 HANS III Youth Quick Click Anchor

Features of the HANS Sport II Youth Model:
• Free UPS Ground Shipping.
• SFI 38.1 Certified with attached label.
• All hardware is included to connect to helmet.
• Fits neck circumference size 12 1/2 inches to 14 1/2 inches.
• Your choice of helmet anchor systems: Post Anchor or Quick Click.
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