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HANS III Hans Device Head and Neck Restraint

HANS III Hans Device Head and Neck Restraint

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The HANS III represents the third generation of injection molded HANS devices and features a contemporary approach to reducing weight. Using an all new design and polymer, this head and neck restraint features a hollow collar that substantially minimizes weight. Engineered reinforcements ensure an exceptionally strong structure that provides the same level of safety as every HANS device. The reduced mass guarantees the lightest and most comfortable injection molded HANS ever.

The HANS III utilizes the sliding tether system, which enables a driver to have maximum head movement, particularly when turning the head "side to side".

ALL Helmet Anchors and Hardware ARE INCLUDED with the HANS Device. Simply choose your preference of anchors, everything you need to connect the HANS to your helmet (including instructions and tools) will be in the box.

SFI 38.1 certified.

Medium fits neck sizes 13 1/2 to 17 inches
Large fits neck sizes 16 inches to 20 inches

HANS Simpson Part Numbers:
DK 14237.321 SFI HANS III Medium Post Anchor
DK 14247.321 SFI HANS III Large Post Anchor
DK 14237.421 SFI HANS III Medium Quick Click Anchor
DK 14247.421 SFI HANS III Large Quick Click Anchor

Features of the HANS Device III
• SFI 38.1 certified
• Sliding tethers come standard, for increased side to side vision capability.
• Includeds all hardware, full instructions, plus a helmet anchor wrench.
• Available in the Post Anchor System or the Quick Click Anchor System. Both systems enable the driver to easily attach and detach the HANS Device while still in the race car.
The Post Anchor is the most common system. The HANS is attached to the helmet by aligning the tether hardware to the helmet hardware, pushing in and sliding the tether rearward. To release, realign slots on tether hardware to flats on helmet hardware and slide forward.
The Quick Click is the anchor system which allows the driver to quickly detach the HANS by pulling on the orange tethers. To attach the HANS to the helmet anchors, open anchor by pulling orange release strap, slide tether loop over hasp and close.
Medium fits neck sizes 13 1/2 to 17 inches.
Large fits neck sizes 16 inches to 20 inches.
HANS III Hans Device Head and Neck Restraint
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