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K1 Kid's Kart Racing Chest Protector

K1 Kid's Kart Racing Chest Protector

Item #:RDS2113
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One of the most important Karting safety items you can buy to Protect Your Child!

A Chest Protector is a device to be worn by a go-kart driver while engaged in competitive motorsports. Intended to protect the driver from chest injury due to impact in the event of a frontal crash or accident. The kid's chest protector helps provide an extra layer of protection around the chest to guard the ribs and vital organs from blunt force.

Made from two layers of vacuum-formed polypropylene plastic, and featuring straps with heavy duty buckles that cross in the back aid in adjusting size, the K1 child chest protector is lightweight, durable, and effective.

The K1 Child Chest Protector comes in one size that fits kids 5-12 years old.


K1 RaceGear part number 16-CHP-N (Chest Protector)

Features of the K1 Karting Child Chest Protector:
• Lightweight and strong, made with two layers of vacuum formed polypropylene plastic and heavy duty buckles.
• Rigorously tested and designed for maximum protection and comfort.
• 1 size that fits ages 5-12.
• Perfect for all types of youth Karting.
• WKA and IKF-approved.
K1 Kid's Kart Racing Chest Protector
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