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K1 RaceGear Adult Karting Neck Brace Carbon/Pink

K1 RaceGear Adult Karting Neck Brace Carbon/Pink

Item #:RDS-15-NEC-CAP-A

A Neck Brace, Neck Collar or Helmet Support is usually required gear for kart racers. Whatever term you may call it, this piece of equipment manufactured by K1 Race Gear is definitely a very popular selection with RaceDay Safety kart racing customers. Unlike a typical round foam doughnut, the K1 Neck Brace is anatomically designed and shaped for increased comfort and safety. A velcro fastener allows for easy removal. The materials used to manufacture the K1 carbon-look neck collars are stain-resistant and waterproof which makes for easy cleaning and care.

K1 Race Gear Part No. 15-NEC-CAP-A

*Auto racers please note, there are NO fire retardant materials or properties in the K1 Karting Neck Collar.

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