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K1 RaceGear GK2 Kart Suit Green

K1 RaceGear GK2 Kart Suit Green

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The K1 Race Gear Black/Gray/Green GK2 Kart Racing Suit is constructed for protection, comfort and affordable style. Lightweight, Black abrasion resistant materials comprise the suit's main body. Lightweight, Gray abrasion resistant materials are placed on the sleeves and inner leg areas for contrast. Vibrant Green striping adds bright coloring to compliment your kart race team's color scheme.

Other built-in features of the K1 Race Gear GK2 Karting Suit include a soft, tapered collar and a breathable inner lining for maximum comfort on the track. Elastic is integrated into the waist and underarms for increased flexibility. The "boot cut" leg bottoms hide the inner ankle cuffs for a North American type style, versus the exposed ankle cuffs on European inspired suits.

K1 Race Gear still directly designs and manufactures their kart racing equipment with no outsourcing to unknown 3rd party companies. This is one of the many reasons is an official K1 distributor. This direct manufacturing allows higher quality and consistent sizing throughout all products, including the GK2 Kart Racing Suit.

Sizes: 7XS to 3XL to fit kids and adults.

K1 Race Gear Part Numbers:
K1 Race Gear 10-GK2-V-7XS Kart Race Suit 7X-Small
K1 Race Gear 10-GK2-V-6XS Kart Race Suit 6X-Small
K1 Race Gear 10-GK2-V-5XS Kart Race Suit 5X-Small
K1 Race Gear 10-GK2-V-4XS Kart Race Suit 4X-Small
K1 Race Gear 10-GK2-V-3XS Kart Race Suit 3X-Small
K1 Race Gear 10-GK2-V-2XS Kart Race Suit 2X-Small
K1 Race Gear 10-GK2-V-XS Kart Race Suit X-Small
K1 Race Gear 10-GK2-V-S Kart Race Suit Small
K1 Race Gear 10-GK2-V-M Kart Race Suit Medium
K1 Race Gear 10-GK2-V-ML Kart Race Suit Medium/Large
K1 Race Gear 10-GK2-V-L Kart Race Suit Large
K1 Race Gear 10-GK2-V-XL Kart Race Suit X-Large
K1 Race Gear 10-GK2-V-2XL Kart Race Suit 2X-Large
K1 Race Gear 10-GK2-V-3XL Kart Race Suit 3X-Large

Note: Auto Racers: This equipment is intended for kart racing. These products contain NO flame retardant materials. Kart racing gear is designed to help protect against abrasion if the driver leaves the kart and contacts the track surface during an accident.

K1 RaceGear GK2 Kart Suit Green
K1 RaceGear GK2 Kart Suit Green

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