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Kirkey 89 Series Full Containment Race Seat
17 Inch 10 Degree

Kirkey 89 Series Full Containment Race Seat<br> 17 Inch 10 Degree

Item #:RDS-89170KIT
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Innovative design of the Kirkey 89 Series Race Seat allows the racer to adjust the head support for maximum comfort, safety and function. Adjusts up or down, front to rear and also can be rotated downward to increase side vision.

The Kirkey 89 Series Intermediate 10 Degree Layback Containment Seat comes in a kit form as head support section is attached and adjusted by the racer. Removable head support may allow the initial installation to be performed without removing the race car's roof. Narrow window openings and tight cockpit confines make it difficult, if not impossible, to maneuver fully welded seats into position, in most (but not all) cases, the 89 Series Seat could solve that problem. Full black cover as seen in picture is also included.

10 degree layback makes the 89 ideal for Dwarf, Legend, Northeast Modifieds and Sprint cars. Street Stock and Late Model racers who prefer to sit straighter up can also consider the 10 degree layback.

Kirkey Part No. 89170KIT

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Kirkey 89 Series Full Containment Race Seat<br> 17 Inch 10 Degree

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